Refund Policy


We appreciate you showing an interest in Optimized Scholar. All of our users will receive a first-rate learning experience from us. The Refund Policy is subject to certain rules and conditions, just like any other online transaction. You accept our Terms & Conditions and return policy when you buy a course from Optimized Scholar.

Checkout our terms & policy details below:

There won’t be any alterations or revisions made to your order once you’ve paid the required or partial amount, and neither will there be a refund. The course structure, presenter list, and postponement/cancellation rights are all reserved by Optimize Scholar. If Optimized Scholar cancels the entire course, we’ll provide the Subscriber a full refund of the course payments. In the event that the program is prolonged after it has started, we will not initiate a refund.

If the start date of the course is changed, we will not give a refund. Participants who don’t show up for the course won’t get a refund or a credit. If the course’s structure or content is changed, there won’t be any returns.

The terms and conditions of this policy are subject to change by The Optimize Scholar at any time and without previous notice.

The course cannot be transferred & If for whatever reason you are unable to take the course, it cannot be transferred to another student.